On March 12, CRE sent a delegation to EPPEI. A meeting was held to discuss issues of mid-long term development trend & challenges of energy industry, and relevant technology, investment, and public policies, etc.


Jean-Laurent LASTELLE, commissioner of CRE, Brice BOHUON, Chief Executive, Master of Requests-Council of State, Special Advisor to CRE’s President and General Secretary of the Prospective Committee,Dominique JAMME, and President of EPPEI were present at the meeting.




Jean-Laurent LASTELLE introduced the background, orientation, and objectives of CRE, and expressed his willingness to cooperate with EPPEI in areas of energy & power regulation, technology development, and investment, etc.


President of EPPEI welcomed CRE delegation, and introduced EPPEI’s development in energy & power planning, power market reform, and international cooperation, etc. He believed there was great potential for China-French energy transition cooperation. EPPEI was willing to build up a communication platform to enhance bilateral cooperation.


EPPEI introduced China’s energy transition in terms of policy implementation, technology development, and market development, etc. Both sides discussed nuclear power peak regulation, energy storage, and block chain, etc.


CRE is an independent energy regulation institution of French, whose mission is to promote smooth development of energy market, and protect customers’ benefit. CRE regulates power grid and natural gas pipeline, and ensure fair third party access & utilization, & independent system operation. CRE monitors and regulates French power market, natural gas market, and CO2 transaction market, and the operation of sales market. CRE participates in the implementation of all sorts of policies to ensure supply of power and natural gas. It also takes part in the development of unified power and natural gas market of EU.


European Affairs, International Affairs and Cooperation Department, Gas Infrastructure Department, Wholesale Markets Surveillance Department, and Chairman Office of CRE, and head of relevant departments of EPPEI attended the meeting.