Standardization Management

EPPEI’s Standardization Management Center of EPPEI and four standardized technical committees under its control follow the relevant guidelines and policies of the national standardization administrative department. They organize research on industry standard systems, organize training in the preparation of industry standards, and organize the review and check of industry standard outlines and drafts. They report on the completed industry standards and publish the industry standards already announced by the National Energy Administration. They are also responsible for the dissemination of relevant industry codes and standards as well as the collection and feedback of industry standard usage information.

Standardization Achievements

EPPEI has long been responsible for the standard preparation and management of the national power planning and engineering industry. Over the years, it has organized and undertaken more than 200 national and industrial codes/standards such as “Code for Design of Fossilfired Power Plant”,“Code for Design of 1000kV Overhead Transmission Line”and "Code for Design of ±800kV DC Overhead Transmission Line".

National codes & standards prepared (partial)

1 Code for design of fossil-fired power plant GB50660-2011
2 Power plant identification system coding standard GB50549-2010
3 Fire protection design for thermal power plants and substations GB50229-2006
4 Code for design of 1000kV overhead transmission line GB50665-2011
5 Code for design of ±800kV DC overhead transmission line GB50790-2013
6 Design specification for 110kV~750kV overhead transmission lines GB50545-2010
7 Design specification for 3kV~110kV high voltage power distribution unit GB50060-2008
8 Specification for relay protection and automatic device design of power equipment GB50062-2008
9 Design specification for electrical measuring instrumentation of electric power equipment GB50063-2008
10 Design Specification for Power Engineering Cable GB50217-2007
11 Technical specification for parallel capacitor device design GB50227-2008
13 Energy conservation code for design of fossil fired power plants
12 Design code for industrial water softening and desalination GB50109-2006
14 Code for design of 1000kV substations

At present, EPPEI Standardization Management Center has established 320 management standards and is revising another 137 ones.
The EPPEI Standardization Technical Committee has established 49 industry standards for power system planning and engineering managed by, and is revising another 37 ones.
The EPPEI Standardization Technical Committee is responsible for the management of 148 industry standards for power generation design, and revising another 59 ones.
The EPPEI Technical Committee is responsible for the management of 75 grid design industry standards, and is revising another 27 ones.
The EPPEI Standardization Technical Committee for Thermal Power and Power Grid Engineering Techno-economic Professional is responsible for the management of 48 industry standards in thermal power and power grid engineering design, construction, commissioning and supervision, and revising another 14 ones.