Informatization Business

Beijing North-star Digital Remote Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., is a subsidiary of EPPEI, and it is a well-known IT enterprise in the domestic energy field. It has many qualifications such as computer information system integration qualification, information security service qualification, Grade A surveying and mapping qualification, dual soft enterprise qualification, and AAA credit enterprise. It also provides professional information services for government, enterprises and engineering construction through international quality management system certification.

Political Affairs Informatization
North-star has established a “Energy Monitoring and Early Warning and Planning Management Platform” using big data technology, and continues to provide big data services for national energy planning, supervision and monitoring and early warning. Through platform integration with more than 10 provincial and municipal energy management departments, it has initially established a comprehensive energy information network and a government-oriented informatization business. It played an important supportive role in the national “13th Five-Year Plan” energy and power planning, “The Belt and Road Initiative” energy planning, and international energy cooperation.

Corporate Informatization
North-star uses the established grid engineering data center to combine information and communication technology with grid business. On this basis, it has developed products such as grid 3D visualization and operation integration platform, providing full-process information technology for power grid enterprises for investment decision-making, planning feasibility study, consulting and review, engineering design, construction management, operation and maintenance, emergency command, etc. service. At present, the service scope has covered more than 20 provincial power companies at all levels. It has also developed a range of competitive solutions and products in 3D design, BIM applications, digital showrooms, grid-assisted decision systems.

Engineering Informatization
The engineering information business covers many fields such as photogrammetry and remote sensing, aerial photography, design optimization, and information grid construction. It applies remote sensing technology, all-digital photogrammetry technology and 3D visualization technology to grid planning and construction. These technologies have also been successfully applied to major national power grid projects such as the Three Gorges Hydropower Project Transmission Project, the West-East Power Transmission Project, the AC-DC UHV Project, and the EHV Transmission Line Project. The accumulated line length exceeds 200,000 kilometers, saving billions of yuan in investment for national power construction.