Engineering Consulting

 EPPEI has long been responsible for the centralized management of national power planning and design. In the 1980s, it represented the power industry as one of the first national engineering consulting units, and it has extensive engineering practice experience. At present, EPPEI accepts commissions from the energy, power industry investors, owners, financial institutions and relevant government departments to provide professional engineering consulting services. Its service covers power system planning, power generation engineering, power grid engineering, technology economy, and smart grid. In addition, with power as the core, its business field expands to other electricity- and energy-related services, including:

• Planning consultation:preparation and consultation of energy and power master planning, special planning, regional planning, enterprise planning, system planning and engineering, power access system design, power system secondary planning, etc.

• Project consultation: project investment opportunity research, investment and financing planning, project proposal (pre-feasibility study), project feasibility study report, project application report, preparation of fund application report, consultation, etc.

• Audit and evaluation consultation: evaluation, review, planning and project mid-term evaluation of planning, project proposal, feasibility study report, project application report, fund application report, PPP project implementation plan, preliminary design, construction drawing design, etc. , post-evaluation, project budget and final accounts review and other professional technical services.

• Full-process engineering consulting: partial or overall solutions and management services for project decision-making, implementation and operation, using a combination of various consulting methods such as planning consultation, project consulting, engineering design and project cost.

Power generation projects

EPPEI provides a variety of consulting and evaluation services for power investment companies such as Huaneng, Huadian, Datang, National Power Investment, National Energy Investment Group, China National Nuclear Corporation and China General Nuclear Power Corporation.The scope of consultation covers coal power, gas power, nuclear power, wind power, photovoltaic and solar thermal power generation, biomass power generation, waste-to-energy, energy storage, distributed energy, multi-energy complementary, smart energy and other energy projects. It has a large share of the domestic power generation engineering consulting review market.

It promotes the development of low carbon cleanliness of coal power. It completed the review or consultation of national demonstration projects such as Shanghai Waigaoqiao No. 3 Power Plant. It undertakes national key R&D program sub-projects such as“Ultra-supercritical circulating fluidized bed boiler technology R&D and demonstration”and provides comprehensive technical support for the national biomass-coal co-firing power generation retrofit pilot project.

It leads the advancement of new energy power generation technology. It is in the leading position in the field of solar thermal energy, and is the affiliate unit of the Solar Thermal Power Professional Committee of the China Electrical Engineering Society. It has a large number of engineering consulting practices in new energy fields such as wind power and photovoltaic power.

It conducts consultation on the whole process of nuclear power engineering. It provides full-process consulting and evaluation services for nuclear power engineering project site selection, preliminary feasibility study, feasibility study, preliminary design and engineerring project speical report. In recent years, it has completed more than 120 nuclear power engineering and special report audits of different kinds.

2×1000MW USC Coal-fired Unit of Shanghai Waigaoqiao No.3 Power Plant
Qinghai Zhongkong Delinghata Solar Thermal Power Station
Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant Project 

Grid projects

In the grid engineering design technology,EPPEI has always maintained a leading position in the country. The consulting and evaluation project covers AC voltage levels of 330kV, 500kV, 750kV, 1000kV and DC ±500kV, ±660kV, ±800kV and ±1100kV. It leads the industry development in large-capacity long-distance power transmission, regional power grid technology upgrade, large-scale intermittent power grid-connected technology, and intelligent transmission and distribution technology.

1000kV Jindongnan-Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Test Demonstration Project
This is the world's first commercialized, highest-voltage transmission and transformation project, which verifies the technical feasibility, equipment reliability, operational safety and environmental friendliness of UHV transmission. The whole project consists of three substations and a single-circuit overhead line with a total length of 640km. The designed transmission capacity is 5000MW. EPPEI undertakes the lead design, review and special research of the project. The project won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, the National Quality Engineering Gold Award, and the first prize for excellent engineering design in the power industry.

Yunnan-Guangdong ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Demonstration Project
It is the world's first ±800kV UHV DC transmission project, and also the first UHV DC transmission autonomous demonstration project in China. The whole project consists of two converter stations and an overhead line with a total length of 1373km. The designed transmission capacity is 5000MW. EPPEI undertakes the lead design, review and special research of the project. The project won the National Science and Technology Progress Special Award, the National Quality Engineering Gold Award, and the first prize for excellent engineering design in the power industry.

UHV Multi-terminal DC Transmission Demonstration Project from Wudongde Power Station to Guangdong and Guangxi
It has the world's highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance, representing the most technically difficult hybrid DC transmission project. It is also a demonstration project for technological innovation in the power industry. The project power transmission distance is about 1500 kilometers. It is planned to build a ±800 kV, 8000MW UHV multi-terminal DC transmission project. The transmission capacity is designed as delivering 8000MWs to Yunnan, 5000MW to Guangdong, and 3000MW to Guangxi. EPPEI undertakes project lead design, review, and special research.

Technical economics

It provides consulting services on power project budget evaluation, as well as compiling in all phase of the project implementation, which includes feasibility phase, preliminary engineering phase, construction phase and final account. It provides consulting services on power project economy analysis and post evaluation for investors. It provides high-end consulting services and technical support to energy enterprises in developing project cost management system. It provides comprehensive consulting services to financial institutions in areas of financing and technical & economy for the power project. It provides services to the national power administrative department or the power industry on energy economy study, energy policy study, and electric power marketing study etc.

Ximeng-Shengli 1000kV AC UHV transmission and transformation project
Post-evaluation of the seventh phase of Taiyuan No. 2 Power Plant of Datang Corporation
Compilation of Hualong No.1 and AP1000 (Advanced Passive PWR) Nuclear Reactor Reference Cost Estimate Index


Smart grid

It is dedicated to engineering consulting in areas such as smart grids, smart energy, and smart cities. The specific businesses includes: smart grid planning research of various network, provincial and prefecture-level power grid companies; smart energy, smart city, green energy system planning research; incremental distribution network, microgrid, energy internet, electricity market and other projects Planning and engineering design; secondary power system, information planning and special review, secondary professional coordination review of power grid and power generation engineering system.

Research on the Development Planning of the "13th Five-Year" Smart Grid in China Southern Power Grid
Zhangjiakou Low-carbon Olympic Zone and Green Energy System Planning
Feasibility Study of Liuzhou Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park

Comprehensive Energy

with power being its core business, EPPEI operates in coal, oil, natural gas, electric power, new energy and other multi-energy varieties. To this end, it provides energy companies, industrial parks, financial institutions with planning, program research, industrial development and other services regarding multi-energy complementarity, comprehensive energy utilization, military-civilian integration and other energy projects.
Research on Multi-energy Complementary Integration Optimization Demonstration Project of Xincheng North District of Yan'an City
Integrated Energy System Concept for Xiong'an New Area
Military-civilian integrated energy project