Think-tank Business

The think-tank works to serve the Party and the country in decision-making and the scientific development of the service industry, and focuses on energy and power strategy and policy research. It focuses on major theoretical and practical issues in the energy industry and provides think-tank services such as strategic research, planning research, policy research, and regulatory support. It will accelerate the energy consumption revolution, the energy supply revolution, the energy technology revolution, and the energy system revolution and energy international cooperation. it provides high-quality think-tank research support for building a green, low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy system.

Planning research
Provide major research support for the preparation of national energy and power development plans; carry out the joint work of national planning and local planning, enterprise planning; participate in relevant regional and enterprise energy and power planning research; carry out demonstration and evaluation of development plans for relevant departments, regions or enterprises as well as other work.

·Consultation on the 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy Development
·Research on the 13th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Electric Power Industry
·Xiong'an New District Comprehensive Energy Planning Research
·West-East Power Transmission Planning Research
·National Grid Networking Planning Research
·Research on the Key Transmission Channel Planning of the National Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan
·Inner Mongolia Energy and "13th Five-Year Plan" Electric Power Research
·Researches on the 13th Five-Year Plan for Energy in Hunan Province
·Study on the Delivery Planning of Large Power Bases such as the Three Gorges and Wudongde
·Research on the development planning of large energy and power enterprises such as Datang Group and Huaneng Group
·Mid-term Evaluation of the National 13th Five-Year Plan (Energy Sector)

Strategic Research
Carry out comprehensive, strategic, forward-looking and long-term research on energy and power, and provide policy recommendations and advice for the government to formulate major energy development strategies.

·Research on major topics of UHV transmission
·Nuclear power long-term development strategy research
·Research on the Overall Framework and Key Technologies of China's Smart Grid
·Research on Power Development Strategy of the Greater Mekong Sub-region
·Research on sustainable development of coal-fired power generation

Policy Research
Carry out In-depth research on institutional reforms in the energy and power sectors, participate in energy regulations and industrial policy research; provide research support and advice for the government’s scientific decision-making. Be authorized by national and local governments to evaluate energy policy programs and implementation results.

·Pilot study on power institutional reform
·Progress and effectiveness evaluation of the national power system reform
·Research on the Management Method of Distributed Power Generation Marketized Transaction
·Research on power spot market design and market rules
·Research on Electricity Market Operation Settlement and Supervision Regulations
·Research on Guidance for Promoting the Development of Smart Gri
·Electric vehicle charging facility guidance

Regulatory support
Assist the government in energy management and industry supervision, and undertake regulatory support research, monitoring and early warning, demonstration project evaluation, investment effectiveness analysis and other regulatory support work, thereby playing an independent third party role in a scientific and fair manner.

·Research on Power Supervision Standard System
·National New Energy Power Consumption Monitoring and Early Warning
·Annual power engineering cost study and electricity price analysis
·Analysis of the effectiveness of annual typical power grid project investment
·Evaluation and review of new energy microgrid demonstration project
·Research on Risk Early Warning of Coal Power Planning and Construction
·Nuclear power plant preliminary design fire protection review

Social dissemination
Summarize and publicize China's energy development policies and experiences, and provide energy views, energy dynamics, energy knowledge and other information to all the sectors and the public, thereby playing a scientific guiding role in social communication.
·China Energy Development Report (Annual Report)
·China Power Development Report (Annual Report)
·China Power Technology Economic Development Research Report (Annual Report)